Cross-Channel Marketing: The Future of Social TV is a Multi Screen Experience

The Future of Social TV is a Multi Screen ExperienceAs a follow-up to my recent post on Cross-Channel Marketing, below is a video by Brian Solis [@briansolis] entitled The Future of Social TV is a Multi Screen Experience. Solis is an author and thought-leader in new media and in this video he interviews SVP Digital of USA Network, Jesse Redniss [@jesseredniss]. The video has some very interesting points about how television viewing is changing and how a well designed social media experience can boost ratings through engagement.

One point which resonated with me was how real-time social media can support live television and turn it into a multi screen conversation. This social media dialogue can elevate live television above watching recorded programming – a solitary experience by comparison. This, in my opinion, is where television advertisers need to focus their attention because this is the best way to keep audiences engaged and away from the advertiser’s nemesis – the fast-forward button.